Acquisitions and Sales.

The Path to Ownership

For those in search of information regarding private jet sales across the country, or anyone interested in buying a personal aircraft, we can help. The Jet Linx purchase and sales team consists of practiced aircraft sales specialists and brokers, capable of answering any questions about aircraft in the marketplace and the private jet purchasing process.

The Jet Linx purchase and sales team will make sure the important questions concerning jet ownership are not only asked but answered, and that the answers are thoroughly vetted. We want to help you secure the greatest value possible from your private jet purchase. It's our goal to ensure that your aircraft meets your every need, both today and tomorrow.

A private jet is not simply an item to be bought; it is an asset to be attained and put to work for you. To ensure that you make the right purchase, it is important to recognize this distinction. There are many brokers who will disregard the numerous factors of your unique ownership profile, concerned only with making a sale.

It is our goal to provide you with a wealth of information, allowing you to make as knowledgeable a decision as possible, which may or may not even result in the buying of an aircraft.

Finding Private Jets for Sale in Scottsdale

Jet Linx is always current with all private jets in the marketplace, initial price offers, how long each aircraft has been on the market, the most recent prices of actual sales, discounts offered, terms of negotiation, payment arrangements, financing, pre-purchase inspection requirements, FAA regulatory requirements for different aircraft types, and any other purchase and sales transaction details.

By engaging experienced attorneys, who expertly create the appropriate legal documents and tax structure, we also ensure that you and your private jet purchase are well protected.

We are practiced in the operation and management of over 20 different kinds of aircraft. Jet Linx can guide you through the attainment process, helping you pinpoint which type of jet is right for you.

Offset Private Jet Prices with Joint Ownership

One of the ways in which Jet Linx can alleviate some of the financial constraints for those who either have or are considering full private jet ownership is by dividing the aircraft into shares and selling those shares to other companies and individuals. This helps to offset some of your property and overhead expenses on a more fixed basis.

We will also coordinate advertising, sales, legal paperwork and FAA compliance, as well as the important account management after the sale to ensure absolute transparency of the transaction at hand.

Ready to Buy?

Ready to purchase a private jet? Consider the following questions to make the right purchase choice to best suit your unique needs.

  • Do you purchase a Light Jet, Midsize Jet, or Heavy Jet to meet your needs?
  • Do you purchase a new private jet, or purchase a pre-owned private jet?
  • Do you understand the fixed expenses that come with private jet ownership?
  • Do you understand the scheduled and unscheduled maintenance expenses?
  • Do you understand the tax benefits available to you or your company?
  • Do you charter your private jet to create revenue to offset expenses?

Jet Linx also partners with both regional and national aircraft brokers to provide you with the most comprehensive look at the marketplace, from both an operator’s perspective and a dealer’s perspective. Our proven track record of aircraft management and flight solutions will provide you with the most complete ownership perspective, while our broker partners will provide you with the most complete understanding of the private jet marketplace.

Contact us today for more information and options regarding a private jet purchase acquisition or private jet sales transaction.

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