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Jet Card Benefits

Two Ways to Fly

The Latitude and Longitude Jet Card programs offer two ways of experiencing our guaranteed Jet Linx Jet Card services. Both Jet Cards provide you with access to a private jet on an absolute basis, securing availability, hourly rates, and a guaranteed standard of safety. They are also sure to be the most cost-effective programs in the industry, allowing you the freedom to choose which Jet Card is right for you.

Longitude Private Jet Card

Our Longitude Jet Card simplifies your experience by offering pay-by-the-hour unlimited charter flight hours for a private jet of any size (Light, Midsize, Super Midsize, or Heavy Jet). You can join this program with a one-time enrollment fee; we require no deposit upfront.

Latitude Private Jet Card

Our Latitude Jet Card guarantees access to a private jet in 25-hour increments with a pre-paid deposit. Once you've flown your jet card hours, you can simply renew them by making a new jet card deposit. Light, Midsize, Super Midsize and Heavy Jet Cards are available.

Guaranteed, Guaranteed & Guaranteed

You are guaranteed 24/7 jet availability at secure hourly rates and an absolute standard of care with the Longitude and Latitude Jet Card programs. We are the only private jet company to offer such a high quality of care at a local level, and we take this one step further by providing our guaranteed services both to and from anywhere in North America. Jet Linx also offers service to Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and South America.

A Round Trip Rate with No Additional Charges

We charge a Round Trip Rate that is often less than half of the occupied hourly rates charged by private jet card or national fractional ownership companies. The Jet Linx Round Trip Rate is based on occupied flight time alone and, unlike local charter, requires no additional charges for wait time, pilot expenses, or overnights.

Others Get You Coming and Going Even if You are Only Going

The Jet Linx One-Way Rate is just that: A One-Way Rate which charges no additional fees for empty legs on the trip home. We save our Jet Card clients thousands of dollars per One-Way trip compared to other companies by not charging our One-Way clients once a customer's been dropped off. Local charter companies charge Round Trip rates even when the charter flight is a One-Way trip for the customer. What's more, national fractional ownership and private jet card companies inflate their occupied hourly rates to reflect the cost of empty legs. This makes the unique pricing structure of our One-Way rate unique to the industry.

Lower Minimums for More Utilization

Our Round Trip rates apply to flights involving at least 1.5 hours of flight time per calendar day of your trip which return you to your point of origin. One-Way rates apply to charter flights which either do not return you to your point of origin or involve less than 1.5 hours of flight time per calendar day of your trip.

Another Jet Card Privilege: Upgrades without an Upcharge

The Jet Linx Jet Card program provides access to our entire fleet. As a Jet Card client, you are guaranteed availability of private jets of any size at any time without penalty for an upgrade. For example, if you are a Light Jet Card client looking to make use of a Heavy Jet, we will ensure the availability of the Heavy Jet and treat the transaction as though you are a Heavy Jet Card client. You will be charged according to the size category of your choice.

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Aircraft Options

As your Personal Flight Department, we use our experience and expertise to evaluate the trip you are planning and schedule the best aircraft to fit your needs. If your trip is short in distance, we can place you on an efficient Light Jet. If you have a big group or are traveling internationally, we can schedule a Midsize or Heavy Jet.

The aircraft listed below are examples of the sizes and types of aircraft available.

Light Jet

May seat up to seven passengers, more comfortable for six or fewer passengers. Typically avoids a fuel stop on flights less than 1350 miles. An enclosed lavatory that doubles as a seat. Small beverage center.
Size Category Includes
  • BeechJet 400/400A
  • Citation II/V/Bravo/Encore/Ultra
  • Citation Jet/CJ1/CJ2/CJ3
  • Hawker 400XP
  • Lear 31/31A/35/40
  • Premier
  • Embraer 300

Midsize Jet

May seat up to eight passengers, more comfortable for seven or fewer passengers. Typically avoids a fuel stop on flights less than 2000 miles. Includes an enclosed lavatory. Full/partial galley. Standing room cabin.
Size Category Includes
  • Astra SPX
  • Citation III/VI/VII
  • Citation Excel
  • G150
  • Hawker 700/800/800XP/900
  • Lear 45/55/60

Super-Midsize Jet

Seats up to nine passengers, but maximum guaranteed passenger count is eight. Typically avoids a fuel stop on flights less than 3500 miles. Includes an enclosed lavatory. Full/partial galley. Standing room cabin.
Size Category Includes
  • Challenger 300
  • Citation Sovereign
  • Citation X
  • Falcon 50
  • Gulfstream 200
  • Hawker 4000

Heavy Jet

Seats up to 12 passengers, but maximum guaranteed passenger count is ten. Typically avoids a fuel stop on flights less than 3500 miles. Contains a fully-equipped galley, enclosed lavatory, and cabin attendant. Standing room cabin/luxury cabin.
Size Category Includes
  • Challenger 600/601/604
  • Falcon 2000/900
  • Global Express
  • Gulfstream II/III/IV/V

The aircraft types listed above are for size category examples only. Any of the aircraft listed may be provided for fulfillment of a size category, but not all aircraft types are operated by Jet Linx Aviation.

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